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InterActiv 2018 - June 20 & 21

Conference Sessions | Teaching the world one educator at a time....

InterActiv Technology Conference 2018 Session Descriptions
Room Assignements and Times To Be Announced

Mickey Chavennes
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Curious about augmented reality or virtual reality? What it is and how you can use it in your classroom? Let's talk, let's do, let's play. We will explore some fun VR tools with hands on activities and brainstorm on how we can create our own virtual reality. Tablets, phones, computers and cameras will be used throughout this session. Ideas will be shared and we hope you will walk away with something you can incorporate into your classroom.

Brett Perucco
Teaching Photo and Image Editing to Students
Do you want your students to be able to create quality graphics in your class, but aren't really sure about editing yourself? Come learn about advanced techniques that even upper elementary students can use. We will be working in the online program Pixlr, which is Chromebook compatible. The techniques learned will also carry over to Adobe Photoshop.

Cindy Perucco
Digital Citizenship
As educators, it is our job to teach our students how to communicate, collaborate, and learn safely and responsibly in the digital world. As we increase technology integration in schools, all teachers need a toolbox of tips and resources for educating our students about internet safety and digital citizenship. Come to this session to fill your toolbox with free resources and ideas you can use in your classroom this fall! This session will be led by a Common Sense Media Certified Educator.
Cindy Perucco
Using Tech to Support Literacy in the Primary Grades
From iPads to Chromebooks to desktops, this session will cover ways to support literacy with your youngest students on all devices. We will discuss logistical tips and tricks for using technology in primary grades, as well as websites and resources focused primarily on literacy. Learn how technology can help engage your students with reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and research!
Karin Strasser
The Write Tools: Using Digital Resources to Increase Writing Proficiency
Today's educators face many challenges when attempting to develop better writers.  Unfortunately, a serious lack of time, resources and energy (proofing piles of papers is exhausting) has negatively impacted the number of writing assignments teachers give each year.  Fewer opportunities for meaningful practice create less proficient writers.
This session links current instructional trends with innovative digital resources that provide instant feedback to students and teachers. Designed to complement existing practices as well as ELA standards, participants will explore the ways targeted, individualized and immediate score reports better expedite the writing process while directly impacting student achievement.  Interested attendees receive FREE 60-day teacher access.
Karin Strasser
NGSS Ready – You Can Do This
Your secondary science program is engaging, curriculum-based and really amazing, but the NGSS MOVEMENT continues to gain momentum. Changes in delivery and instruction MUST HAPPEN to keep current. Where are the time and resources to HELP?
Review the latest research on the ways young people experience science using the 5E learning model.  Then examine an online NGSS-aligned science resource that provides a complete middle school curriculum or credit-recovery options for high school students. Play, explore and celebrate! Translate learning into teaching practices that make sense for today’s science classrooms. You can do this!  Interested attendees receive FREE 60-day teacher access.
Molly Ebbers
Design a website with the NEW Google Sites
Learn about, and create a website with the brand new version of Google Sites.  
Stacci Barganz
"The Great Galactic Google Challenge"
Ever just want to ask all of your Google “what ifs”, air your Google gripes, learn some Google organization,and find out the neatest, coolest new Google things?  This unique session will start out by finding out what YOU need, then showing you how to do it/fix it/learn it!

Stacci Barganz
Google Forms
Want to collect data (surveys, assessments, registrations) quickly and easily using Google Forms?  Come to this session and learn how! This session will flow naturally into the Google Sheets session offered by the same presenter.

Stacci Barganz
Google Sheets
This session will focus on using Google Sheets to manage data by learning how to total sums, average data points, keepa  digital budget, count the number of times something happens on a spreadsheet, and even self-grade assessments. This is a great session for those who already know how to get data in Google Sheets by use of a Form or by manual entry.
Robert Slane and Jennifer Cotturone
Makerspace: It’s NOT the destination. It’s the CONNECTION
How can Makerspace become more than a place for simple tinkering? Are we getting the most bang for our buck with our hands-on STEAM activities? Follow Section Elementary’s journey to tie Makerspace to classroom curriculum. In the first year of building this Makerspace, Section made a concerted effort to create meaningful opportunities to enhance and expand on classroom learning targets. Hear about the obstacles and witness the triumphs in this session.

Frank Korb
AutoCrat: Google Forms/Sheets
Using Google Forms as a starting point, one can gather information, test and quiz, create documents. join Frank Korb as he demonstrates ways in which Google Forms, Google Sheets, Autocrat and other Google Add-On's can be used to help organize and streamline your classroom. Google Classroom user or not. Please bring a laptop if if hands on experimentation is desired.

Scott Christensen
A Practical Guide to the Internet
Many Internet users are rightfully questioning how secure their private data really is. But it takes an explosive scandal like Facebook's acknowledgement that 87 million users may have had their information improperly shared with political ad targeting firm Cambridge Analytica to shine a bright spotlight on the issue. Many of us think we’re taking the right precautions, when in fact we’re putting our info at risk. I will discuss several popular misconceptions, the truth behind them, and what to do about it.
Tom Hartley
“The Best Things in Life Are Free”
How to navigate the world of free software and applications. Freemium model vs free software. School district’s tech budgets often go toward getting the devices in hands of students. Once the students have the devices, the rest is on a tight budget. Learn strategies to help bring the best free software to your students. This session will include some of the newer G-Suite Apps & extensions, but will focus on the lesser known gems out there today!

Dana Goe
Coding in the Classroom with Chromebooks
Chromebooks and coding go hand in hand. Learn how to take these 2 popular items ant put them together for students in your classroom.

Flipped Classroom
Louis Loeffler

A flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.

Suzanne Dunbar
VR In the Classroom
Take Your Students on a Journey with Virtual Reality. Travel With Students on Field Trips, Explore History, Immerse them in Science, and experience Current events.  We will take a look at various VR Platforms and resources available for use in the classroom. This is a hands-on session.